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Hi guys.


We just felt we should share just this one picture taken by Rolayo Williams while we still wait for all the official Pictures from Dentistry Department, University Of Ibadan College of Medicine.


Watch out for other pictures.

ChocBoy University Of Ibadan Dentistry Department

Our last Event; Revo’ Rocks @40

This event for us was an amazing experience. It was an experience where we were able to make a lot of impact and learn a lot too. It was a surprise birthday party for the Founder and Reverend of Harvest House Christian Center- Rev. Gbeminiyi Eboda.. So we were part of the surprise prank. We gave a chocolatey experience to the whole thing and we would like to share a bit of what it felt like with you.

The Meal- Yep we served the dessert and they got one of our superb menus

Dessert Classique au Chocolat.

It consists of

1. ChocDrink

2. Meringue Cookie Chocolate Cupcake

3. Fruit bits.

4. Chocolate Coconut Cluster

                                and this is what it looked like




This is how it was served before the waiters came to pick it up

Dessert servings

We have a picture of some of the people enjoying the dessert and these people caught on camera stylishly had two rounds. Yep we caught them on camera:-D but who wouldn’t want two rounds?

Enjoying chocboy's special

We were quite busy and didn’t have a lot of time to snap lots of pictures so bear with us these are a few photos we’ve got for you.

till next time…keep the chocolatey fire burning!