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pentorise event

It all started as a discussion with a friend to help buy a small quantity of chocolates when returning on a trip from the US. I informed her I had a budget of $100. That was the start-up capital. This at that time had a naira equivalent of 15200 naira.

When she was away in the US, I was developing sales strategies. I developed my target audience and I acquired the necessary devices to push sales, at that time all I needed was a blackberry I got one from my mum, the one she more like passed down.

For me the most important thing was people. I told as many people as possible, I developed ambassadors for the brand. I decided to build a brand around fashion- a fashionable brand. Something that has a lovely coolness factor, something you would want to be a part of. This therefore has brought up many ideas that centre on a classy clique.

When the first set of chocolates arrived, the customers where already available, they were just waiting to buy the chocolates. Well that’s the genesis of it all. This brand has since developed into three things majorly – Events, Products and Sales.